Hugo is back

Miami-based violinist Hugo Martinez launched his career after extensive tutoring under Alfredo Baldassarri and stints with South Florida orchestras. He has shared the stage with Jovenes del Hierro, Alan Yott, Bill Todd, Donna Starr, Tabora, Nina Llopis, La Palabra, Hansel and Raul (with Cachao), Bob Folse, ESCO, and others. From 1992 through July 5th, 2003, Hugo worked full-time with his hybrid Techno / New Age / Jazz / Rock / Fusion solo act. When neck trauma forced retirement in 2003, he turned to his other love – bass guitar. In 2012, learning that Mark Wood’s patented Viper electric violin circumvents neck stress, he bought a five-string model as an experiment. Guess what? Hugo is back!